South Jersey diner transformation into The Whitman, Modern Diner, Martini Lounge, Stylish Nightlife.

The Whitman Lounge

Background Information

The Whitman Diner is a 35-year old Gloucester County landmark in need of an extreme makeover.

The restaurant underwent an expansion with a brand new lounge addition. The architectural transformation was obvious but the client needed help with branding strategy and integration.

Rebranding a South Jersey Diner


Adamus was tasked with rebranding this iconic South Jersey diner to help complete its transformation from a diner into a new stylish nightspot that would bring a fresh taste to the local community.

The Whitman Lounge

Strategy Execution

The agency designed, planned and executed an integrated marketing campaign including new branding strategy, online and offline advertising, public relations and special events such as the grand opening party hosting local officials and celebrities.

The Whitman Rebranding


As a result of agency's work, the client got multiple press, blog and TV coverage in South Jersey and Philadelphia's media. The Whitman Diner was transformed into The Whitman - a modern diner and martini lounge that offers South Jersey residents a stylish local alternative to Philadelphia's "night out" experience.

The grand opening was a success as The Whitman launched its slogan "Maybe Through the Woods. Definitely Not Over the River."

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